Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping

Retailers are becoming increasingly aware that shoppers are now more meticulous with higher expectations, and that competition is on the rise. If our client wishes to obtain a thorough report of the strengths and weaknesses of his products and services, mystery shopping is the answer. Our inspector is sent incognito to the client’s outlet looking for specific standards and criteria. A scenario is often prepared to make the transaction atypical. The elements audited vary: phone call, quality, services, operations, customer care, friendliness, sales arguments used, speed of service, grooming/presentation, business etiquette, etc.  

Quality audits:

A quality audit aims to assess or examine a product or a system in order to determine whether or not the subject of the audit is operating in compliance with corporate directives, regulatory national or international laws and regulations. Our auditor shall inspect a product design, product, service, process or plant, and determine their conformity with specific requirements or on the basis of professional judgment. He will provide a report with observations, nonconformities and opportunities for improvement. A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of some aspect of the internal operations of a company to verify that it is in compliance with mandatory guidelines. During this review, the auditor examines the written procedures, work instructions, contractual obligations, etc., and compares them to the actions taken by the auditee to produce the product. In essence, it is a "say what you do—do what you say" type of audit.