Today’s businesses face an uncompromising environment. Can we reduce costs while improving quality? Can customer loyalty be won without the costly and problematic loyalty programs? How to stop price erosion and safeguard our margins with the increasing competition? How to make sure your employees are on board to achieve all of the above!

As the local and world economy grinds to a halt, businesses are preparing for life after COVID-19. Visionary business owners are using this window of opportunity to recreate a more competitive and modern business. Any post-Covid strategy must integrate the following trends in customer behavior:

- Higher sensitivity to hygiene and infection prevention

- Higher environmental awareness will avoid damage to reputation and loss of environmentally-sensitive markets.

- Investments and general spending must be finely tuned to the dynamic unpredictable markets (many customers will tend towards frugality or even deep spending cuts).

Most people will change the way they socialize, what they buy, how or if they travel… life will change.

Fully aware of our social and professional responsibility during these exceptional times, Q Pulse offers any company or organization its very own Green Pulse Deal:

1. A FREE complimentarytrainingsession on Environment Awareness will help you navigate environmental regulations and achieve savings while preserving the environment with modern workplace practices.

2. Any organization is eligible to a 50 % discount on ISO 14001 consultancy fees. ISO 14001 brings your business into the 21st century and sends a strong signal of modernity to your customers and competitors. Among immediate benefits are cheaper insurance fees, reducing energy consumption & material use and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Any company that chooses to implement any of the international ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000 etc.) will be offered FREE complimentaryISO 14001 consultancy. Achieve both international certifications with minimal investment and higher return.

4. Any company certified and successfully implementing ISO 14001 will automatically have a 50% discount on any consultancy service offered by Q Pulse.

5. Whenever possible, our consultancy services will be provided in an environmentally conscious manner. We encourage remote consultancy, paperless work, foster environmental awareness among our team as well as suppliers and customers and provide incentives to companies looking to go Green.